The Broadway-style production that honors US troops, their families & veterans


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We are very excited to announce that Kathleen Hogan has been chosen to play the indomitable but big-hearted Katharine Hartgrove in Letters From The Front opening at the Theatre In The Square in trendy Marietta, GA on Nov. 4, 2015. She will be joined by Tim Ross as manic wild man Johnny Chastain, America’s favorite radio comic.

“These two just clicked when they stepped on stage together during auditions,” says Producer Marsha Roberts. “Not only are they very talented actors but their chemistry was apparent to everybody.”

Playwright/Director Robert Rector commented, “When I saw these two together there was a spark of magic between them that was unmistakable. I think they’re going to be a great Katharine and Johnny and I look forward to working with them.”

Kathleen has worked extensively on New York and regional stages playing a diversity of roles from Lady Macbeth to Truvy in Steel Magnolias. She has also appeared in a number of movies and TV shows and was directed by Robert Redford for his film The Conspirator, playing the role of Mrs. Mountchessington.

Tim also has a long resume of stage and film work – including the popular TV soap Days Of Our Lives. His lead roles on TV include Saved By The Bell and The Mecklenburgers. On stage he has appeared as Tybalt in Romeo And Juliet and Joe Farkus in The Last Night Of Ballyhoo.


Kathleen Hogan will be the 7th actress to slip into the fabled “Aunty Sam” jacket since the show first opened in 1991. Yes, the same jacket has been used in every performance of Letters From The Front and has travelled all across America including Alaska. It also dazzled audiences in England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, S. Korea, Japan (including Okinawa), Diego Garcia (in the Indian Ocean), Guam and Kwajalein in the Pacific Rim. The fact that the jacket still looks great is a testament to how well it was crafted. It is covered in thousands of hand-sewn sequins, most of which still remain.


The history of the jacket goes back even further than Letters From The Front. In 1989 we were contracted to do a 15 minute promotional film for Revlon’s military sales division. It was a comedy spoof of makeup make-overs aimed at women in the military – in uniform and not. The central character was a stylish Aunty Sam and the jacket was purchased for her character – one of the most expensive items in the film. The actress who played Aunty Sam was – you guessed it – Della Cole, two years before she originated the role of Katharine Hartgrove in Letters From The Front.


Also known as “the world’s most decorated play, Letters From The Front is a “patriotic tribute to the men and women who so bravely serve” (Gretchen Carlson, CBS News).


Author: rectorwriter

Bob Rector has been a professional storyteller for forty years, but his background is primarily in film, video, and stage work as a writer and director. Bob was one of the pioneers of music videos, first for The Now Explosion and then for Music Connection, which were highly popular nationally syndicated shows that preceded MTV by ten years. He created over 100 films for the top musical artists of the times. Bob wrote and directed an outdoor-adventure feature film, Don't Change My World, and has won countless awards for nature and sports documentaries. His original three-act play, Letters From the Front, entertained America's troops around the world for fifteen years and was the first theatrical production to be performed at the Pentagon. This beloved show, written and directed by Rector, became known as the World's Most Decorated Play. After decades on the road (and in the air!) Bob finally settled down long enough to write his first novel, Unthinkable Consequences.


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